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Primary/Secondary KServer settings

  • We've just started using "loaner" computers for special customers... ... has anyone ever set the primary KServer to the external IP and the Secondary KServer to their internal IP?

    If so how are the results?

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  • Can't say that I have done this but why would you? One issue you will get is that the remote control only works when connecting to the primary server.

    The reason I say why would you is why not use dns to work around this issue? We use a dns entry k1.example.com as primary and k2.example.com as the secondary as we have two internet connections.

    We then use our internal DNS server to point both of those DNS entries to the internal IP address of the Kaseya server. This way, when agents are in the office, they go straight to the internal IP. Once they leave the office, they are polling either of our two internet connections.


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