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Feature Requests

  • Hi,

    Just wondering what the best place is to enter feature request.

    Is this at this forum, or through the kaseya portal and make a ticket, or contact local support?


  • I make it through the forum, in a ticket to support, and an email to my sales rep.

  • From your answer i can read that the route to feature requests is not clear, i wonder if Kaseya can tell us more about how this should work, how the decision structure works, and how the users can follow their requests.

  • The way K always told us to submit it was via a ticket. BUT, if you email your sales rep (make some noise) AND post a message in the forums (create some buzz), you probably run a better chance to get it implemented than just submitting a feature request ticket.

  • Well, that is exactly what troubles me. Reading through the Feature Req forum, i get a feeling Kaseya has is own mind on Feature Requests instead a clear procedure about these requests. Selling this product is one, but listening very good to your customers.... I'am currently in pilot with Kaseya, will give this a second tought, before deciding. Thanks!

  • Don't know what you're afraid of... I have made several feature reqeuests and have seen some of them implemented, and some of them not. If K is like any other company, then they will be following demand by users to decide what to add to the lineup. Now I do see some companies go a little further (like Connectwise) who allow their customers to vote on feature requests, but at the end of the day, it comes down to deman driven revenue... isn't your business the same way?