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  • Greetings,

    Who here is going to the Kaseya Conference this June? Since upgrading to K2 beginning of this year, it has been a roller coaster of problems. I sure hope they bring back the woman undergoing a paint job near the pool. Not to mention, They better offer me unlimited free "strong" drinks to keep me happy.

    I am sure there will be plenty of us to inform Kaseya Management the need to resolve ongoing problems with K2. I am not really interested in new features. I just want Live Connect to work along with every other component.

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  • Amen. We are not going though. We are upgrading to K2 this month. And with the current issues and the future issues, I don't want to create a massacre in Vegas.

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  • I will be at the user conference, and look forward to chatting with everyone there.

    I am really hoping to hear some KS success stories during that week. For now, I am still sitting on the sidelines and continue to run Kaseya 5 on my production server.


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  • I've had modest success with K2. Our company jumped in near end of version 5. The system was stable. It had a few glitches and some fustrating interface options but it worked.

    Since upgrading to K2, I've enjoyed the new interface and wealth of features but the system is to buggy to be considered production. Its not a hardware issue. We purchased a new server specifically for Kaseya with enough juice to run circles around the previous hardware.

    Fustrations experience thus far:
    Ive had scripts disappear.
    Script engine issuing errors on the portal, and at the agent
    LiveConnect is hit or miss.
    Constant disconnections from the portal.
    I've gone through the KES AVG9 fiasco.
    Email alerts not being sent
    etc, etc

    I would like to see at the Kaseya Conference a focused attention on how to improve the existing product.

    A major service pack to address the shortcomings.
    A session on how to optimize the server for performance.
    Tips and Tricks on scripts
    List of known bugs, and schedule for resolution
    Full Chrome or Firefox support including LiveConnect
    Creation of a Windows Application to manage the product outside of a browser

    I'm a patient man but I have my limits.

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