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Want liveconnect to work? look here

  • Create a machine role with the following access:
    1. desktop thumbnail
    2. home > home, (nothing else in home but home)
    3. Desktop access

    My group was named “Liveconnect-Client”, hence the instructions below, I tested this as working 100% of the time to clients connecting over WAN(Internet)

    1. Agent Tab > Portal access > Choose desired machine, set username & password
    2. System tab > machine roles > default > click organization name > click on drop down and choose desired organization > choose desired machine > Change machine role > Choose role “Liveconnect-Client”
    3. Log in with the username, wait 30-45 seconds for the remote control to become available, click on remote control tab, remote in choosing connect via RDP. Click connect in the center of the screen. RDP will come up very quickly.
    4. Log into pc

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  • BTW - We want user who just need remote access to see very little other than remote access. This is the least I have found I can make it, and it work. Take away Home, and it no longer works.

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