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Strange Problems

  • I've noticed several times that certain monitor sets or alarms will apparently re-enable themselves.

    For example, we developed a monitor set for Elusiva Terminal Server so we could monitor the service and receive alerts if it was disabled. The customer decided to remove Elusiva so we simply turned off the monitor set, no problem. Two months later, we get a bunch of alerts that Elusiva was not running - the monitor set had re-enabled!

    In another instance we had shut off all monitoring for a particular group; about a week later it's all back on and we're getting alerts.
    We've also had this problem with a couple scripts that were disabled, had re-enabled. Anyone else experience issues such as this?

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  • Are the monitor set a part of a template? Are there any reason to believe the agent may have been re-installed on the target machine, which may have triggered a copy from the template with the monitor set(s)?

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  • Not part of a template.
    No agents reinstalled.
    Also, we've never had to restore anything, such as the database.

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