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Local Admin Rights - Privilege Authority by ScriptLogic

  • To all,

    There have been many debats over the Pros and Cons of granting admin rights to local user accounts. In our own company, we have struggled with the decision.

    Today I recieved the following (spam) email message for Privilege Authority by ScriptLogic. It sounds somewhat interesting.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used it (or a beta version of it, since its new). Or have you ever used any products like it?

    Here is a copy & paste of the email message.


    Today ScriptLogic released our second totally free solution...Privilege Authority. Privilege Authority lets administrators establish what aspects of Windows users can manage without making them local admins. By defining elevation rules within Privilege Authority, user privileges are automatically elevated for specific actions that currently require administrator access.

    This solution will end the days of running to users' desktops to install the latest version of Adobe Reader or enable a Windows feature or an ActiveX control.

    Privilege Authority is a user community-supported product. By participating in the community, you can post your custom rules, download rules posted by other users, get help, offer advice and more. As with any forum, it gets better the more you participate.

    You can download Privilege Authority with absolutely no registration by clicking here. Make sure you check out the Privilege Authority community at http://www.PrivilegeAuthority.com. Did I mention it was all free?

    As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I will try my best to track down the answer. Your feedback on our latest solution is always appreciated.


    Rob Dawson
    Product Evangelist
    ScriptLogic Corporation

    +1 800 813 6415 Phone
    +1 561 886 2499 Fax

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  • I have not but I can say I'm going to download it now. We're having problems with that very aspect. After a long good fight to remove local admins, a single product is forcing us to turn it back around. This might be a perfect way to keep local admin rights reserved for admins but still allow the user to install and run applications as their job requires. Thank you Lloyd.

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  • Rob,

    I received this email today as well. I think it is interesting that there is a free version.

    I recently attended a seminar at Microsoft a few months back with a product called Priviledge Manager provided by Beyond Trust. We are working through the testing process to see if this is going to work with GPO Preferences as described in the seminar.

    Take a look at it. www.beyondtrust.com

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