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How many virtual CPU's for a virtualized Kaseya server

  • I've been running Kaseya server in a virtual environment from the beginning. I'v never had it on its own physical box. I have always configured the VM to use 2 virtual CPU's but about 4 months ago, I came across some information regarding multiple CPU VM's and applications that don't use multithreading. Basically what I found out was that multiple virtual CPU's don't necessarily provide better performance for apps that don't use multithreading and could actually cause a drop in performance overall.

    My question is to anyone who has virtualized their Kaseya server, how many virtual CPU's did you configure the VM to use? And if you are only using 1 virtual CPU, are you running SQL on a separate server or on the Kaseya server?

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  • Windows Server will be able to dispatch across both. Absolutely necessary for any kind of performance with Kaseya. I have mine set to 2 with processor affinity (VMWare ESXi) with Kaseya, IIS and SQL on the one VM.

    A lot depends on how many agents are involved.

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  • The specs call for dual and quad core CPUs for the higher-load servers, a dead giveaway. A program like this would have to much to gain by splitting threads, what with all the script management and potentially tens of thousands of agents all connecting and talking at the same time... It will benefit.

    SQL on the other hand... That is most definitely multi-threaded. Nowadays, a loaded database server is one of the few things that actually needs a beefy processing core (most small businesses can get away with a cheap desktop and some redundancy for their server needs). I have a sneaking suspicion that databases in general were among the first multi-threaded programs... They're designed to take a beating and just stand there impassively staring at you. Some are even capable of spreading a single query across all the cores. It's part scary, part programmer's nerdgasm, what databases can do with extra cores.

    Performance gains might even be pretty close to linear (2x procs = almost 2x performance), at least on the SQL side (dunno how well Kaseya actually scales).

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