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Hard Drive Recovery

  • Sorry for the long explanation. The story is too good to leave out the details.

    I have client that has years of vacation pictures to all the foreign countries he's ever visited on his home computer. We provide an agent only, mainly for remote control - no KES and no BUDR. He backs it up to a USB drive manually, but it breaks his camera so he unhooked it last October. His drive crashed, and it was too far gone for us to do anything about it. His business partner used Ontrack Data Recovery on his home/unmanaged PC about a year ago when his drive crashed and he lost all the pictures of the kids.

    Just to recap, they used ontrack to recover a failed drive about a year ago ($600), that business partner now backs up, but the other still didn't.

    Ontrack was successful last year, but this time they say the drive is not recoverable. Does anyone have any recommendations for a second opinion? I trust ontrack, but no other data recovery service at this point.

    By the way, they signed up for our backup service now.

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  • Drive Savers

    We've used them a couple of times. Each were new customers. 2 out of the 3 signed up for backup plans afterwards.

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  • I know Seagate offers recovery, even from a competitor's drive. They can handle mechanical failure, don't know about overwrites.

    Any kind of "Computer Forensics" company should be able to recover the data, they specialize in finding information that's been removed, and can usually handle failed storage devices, including flash-based storage.

    At this stage, most (if not all) recovery places will give you a new drive. The price they charge is so high that throwing in a new drive makes sense.

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  • Thanks. We'll try them.

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  • I used SysTools hard drive recovery tool..........it will help me to recover my data easily....