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How to manually update a custom field?

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  Prior to 6.0.1, I had created quite a few custom fields under the System Information tab. It appears 6.0.1 has rendered these fields inactive and have been replaced with the new custom fields under the improved machine summary tab. I dont mind re-creating my custom fields but I cant figure out how to manually update them by hand. The only way I've been able to is by creating a script to update the field. This is not practicall in my situation.


Any Ideas?

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  • Open Live Connect, click the Audit Information section on the left, then click the System Info tab. Now you can click the edit icon next to your custom field and enter the new information, and then click Save. Hope that helps.

  • I would appreciate anyone reading this, with the know-how, explaining how the whole process works - creating and populating a custom field.

    And, provide some examples of what custom fields you're using, etc.


  • We use this for info that we need to track on a system. So for eample, warranty start and warranty end date. We've created both of these fields, then using a 3rd part product called updatewarranty.com, we populate the warranty start and end dates in these fields. This way we are able to report on the age of the systems we are managing.