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Hosting Kaseya on Windows Azure

  • I'm doing research on running our Kaseya Server from a cloud environment, specifically Microsoft's new "Azure" cloud platform. This platform is designed specifically for service hosting and development, so it sound sperfect for what Kaseya is.

    Has anyone considered this or have any input as to pros/cons? Thus far I haven't found too much information reguarding compatability or potential issues.

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  • Are you referring to using the cloud to host your SQL instance for Kaseya?

    I think latency is going to be a consideration for you. While Kaseya definitely supports SQL being on a separate box, doing this in the cloud might be a bit ambitious.

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  • Actually I was thinking Azure supported installation of apps but it does not. It's not what i was hoping it was. A great product but not what i need.

    I am probably moving my server to a Server 2003 x64 solution hosted in Amazon's cloud EC2. The cost shouldn't be much.

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  • Dear colleagues,

    Now I've implemented Kaseya server on Microsoft Azure on model IaaS. It works perfectly. Currently Azure Small instance support 200 clients.

    Kind regards

    Oleg Malykh

  • Hi Oleg,

    your ksubscribers DB is on the Server or you using a Azure SQL Database?


  • Azure also do IAAS so you could host kaseya on a virtual macihne in Azure same as EC2 in amazon - Azure is also a PAAS system but they are seperate.

  • mmartin

    yes, I know.

    But my question is can I use the Azure SQL Database Service for the ksubscribers Database. We have 3500 Agents and so we have a separate Web and SQL Server and  at the moment I need two virtual servers for this. If I could use the Azure SQL DB Service I could save up one server. maybe?


  • if your front end is in your office and you want to use Azure DB I would say no way the latency on requests would be mental - other option is one vm in Azure and then use db in azure but is there any cost saving - plus there are differences between azure db and SQL so kaseya probably would not support.

    From a cost point of view it is probably cheaper for you to run them internally and much less hassle. We have exact same setup as you and number of agents.

  • yes that's correct the two servers should be on the same location/network. 


    plus there are differences between azure db and SQL so kaseya probably would not support

    That is the point I want to clarify here ;-)

    From the cost view for us it's not really interesting because we have our own datacenter with a fast backbone connections but we think to take this step because we want to make our first experience with Azure.

  • Kaseya does not currently support Azure as a Kaseya installation platform, which means even if you can get it working, you would not be entitled to support running on Azure.

    You'll find the list of system requirements here: www.kaseya.com/.../system-requirements.aspx

    If it's not on that list, its not 'supported', which doesn't necessarily mean it can't be done, just that we are not set up to offer support on it.

  • Hi Ray,

    thanks for your Feedback!