I have never liked this "feature". Now it is even more fun trying to figure out whether a time reported is local or UTC AND whether it occurred before or after the switch off of DST. Trying to correlate some events on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend and the times reported are all messed up Mad

Agent logs tab for the specific agent reports an event happening at 12:33pm on Sat and states "the previous systems shutdown at 1:29pm......". sure would be nice if it could really tell me at 12:33pm that an unplanned shutdown was going to occur at 1:29pm.

Some reports we have been running show the same issue.....subtracts 5 hours from events that occured during DST instead of 4.

Since Kaseya isn't working on version 5 anymore, would be real nice if Version 6 is out before DST starts again.....and without this issue

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