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Need Help - please come in

  • This message comes up almost everyday at the same time: ABCXXXserver has not checked in since "time/date". But when logon the kaseya agent to check this server - it's showing offline: however i can login to this server by using the remote control - which means it's not actually offline.

    Does anyone know what would be the problem ? - Thanks a lot!

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  • Agent install is corrupt on the client. Uninstall and reinstall?

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  • Check to see if the Kaseya agent service is running. Restart it if it is. If it is not try starting it.

    If the agent seems to be running, do you see an icon in the taskbar? Is it grey or blue? Blue means it is checking in somewhere (hover over the icon and check the name, and find it in your system). Grey means it is not.

    Reason it may not be checking in:
    1) AV or Firewall is now blocking the port
    2) Perimeter firewall is blocking the port (do any other systems check in from that location?, if so not the problem)
    3) Corrupt install. Un-install, re-install.

    Good Luck,


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