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For those using database views....

  • The vNtEventLog view is only reporting about 22 days worth of data. This changed after SP1 was implemented due to how the event log tables are stored. The NVARCHAR length limitation used in the modifyViewNTEventLog procedure is causing this to happen. The comment in the procedure says it should be limited to 61 days but it is only 22. I opened a ticket back on Oct 31 but no response from the support black hole. Just thought those who use this view for reporting and such might want to know this.

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  • Hi SteveR

    A quick question is this problem solved cause am having the same problem.

    If yes can you tell me what it is i have to adjust or use to retrieve data from a month or older.

    Thanks in advanced

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  • NEW_modifyViewNTEventLog.txt
    Let me begin by saying I am not a database person by any means. This information was provided by Kaseya support.

    The event logs are archived into different tables rather than being stored in a single table. I am sure this was done due to the amount of logs being gathered. There is a value in the modifyViewNTEventLog stored procedure that can be changed adjust how much history is shown in the vNtEventLog view. Kaseya support manually adjusted the value and then gave me a .sql file to change it because hotfixes/re-apply schema will change the value back to default. I have attached the file they gave me to modify the stored procedure. You will need to change the extension to from .txt to .sql. I execute this file to change the value and then go run the stored procedure to update the view. I run it once a month right before I run reports. The value in the .sql file can be changed based on how many days of logs you want to see. The value is on line 50, IF (len(@execmd) >= 9750). It is about 162 characters per day of logs. So this value of 9750 will give you about 60 days worth.

    Kaseya support provided me this fix. Use it at your own risk.

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