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First Impressions of Kaseya V6

  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to get peoples first thoughts of Kaseya V6.

    Some thoughts of mine.

    It seems to run slower than K2008 not sure why when server is fairly beefy.

    The new interface seems only to be in certain areas which is dissappointing, I would have thought if you are building a new gui you build it right the way through and not just here and there.

    The dashboard page is the perfect example of this.

    I am still unable to view procedures or edit them (have a logged a ticket on this)

    I do like the live connect when you finally manage to get into it although computer managment seems to be missing.

    Have others too but won't ramble.

    Would like to hear what others think of it and maybe get a chat going about it and please lets not look for browny points from Kaseya as this is a "user" forum.



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  • I'll agree with the slowness, I have this running on a dedicated blade server with 10GB of RAM and a quadcore processor and it seems a little slower than my live K2008 server which has 1600 agents checking into it and is running in HyperV with 6GB of RAM.

    The new Procedure options, along with scheduling, are great.

    Reports still suck, definitely the weakest part of K2008, and looks like that is carrying over to v6 unfortunately. I couldn't even run the monitoring set report, and it was supposed to be fixed in the latest hotfix, which now broke all of my reports.

    LiveConnect is great, it gets us back to what we had with Zenith and LogMeIn, except I think it's even better.

    One of the big things I asked about numerous time and was assured would be in v6 right away doesn't see to be in there as of RC2. I've always hated that you can't just make one big monitoring set for all critical services you would care about if they happened to be running on a server, and then apply it to all your server agents. If the service doesn't exist on a server, it just alerts over and over in K2008. I was told that in v6 it would just dump any services that didn't exist into an "ignore bucket" and not alert on them. I have a ticket open with Kaseya on why this isn't happening in RC2 of v6, so we'll see what they say.

    I'm somewhat happy that they didn't change a lot of the pages, it will make the transition from K2008 a little easier for all my techs.

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  • Have you tried setting up and "All Services" monitor set? Works fine for me in K2008. The setup is not the most intuitive, but once you get comfortable with it, it should do the trick.

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