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High Availability KServers

  • We are looking for a way to have two K Servers run at the same time with the same data in two different data centers for better availability.

    I have found several posts on the forum for this, but I haven't seen any answers.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this or if it can be done?

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  • i dont beleive that Kaseya supports having 2 "live" servers.

    I looked into this myself when setting up a DR server for our Kaseya Server.

    I ended up having a Virual Server with Kaseya installed, backed up our current database, restored it to the virtual server, and then copied all of the scripts and files from the live server into the DR server.

    If anything then happened, all i needed to do was start the virtual server, restore database and any changed scripts and files, and then port forward to the virtual server.

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