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A True Profit Center?

  • I have a couple clients that use mainly thin clients. These clients are billed per user.
    The rest of my clients are per device.
    I only offer All-You-Can-Eat.
    I don't have any project fees. I dont send requests for service.
    I am the IT dept. Sooo, if its broken its on me to fix.
    The only thing service/laborwise we dont cover is Programming and web design. (however if they need the phone number changed on their site we cover that..)
    Of course we dont supply applications or hardware.
    I include onsite/remote service.
    I charge $40-$60 for workstations and $250ish for servers.
    I include offsite backups, spam filtering, antivirus. Disaster recovery. Vendor managment.

    Currently I'm happy with the fee structure. My problem is signing up new clients. Its much harder to justify my higher per device fee to a company used to spending a few hundred a month to fix the PC that actually cant be used.
    They dont understand the loss of productivity etc.
    I have a good sales spreadsheet that shows all the money a client wastes trying to do IT themselves or just not doing it.

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  • I have received alot of good comments from this thread. I thank everyone for their insight. My company is doing well with Managed Services. Selling the product is not a problem. We made a mistake in our pricing model once we switched over from pure consulting to a MS provider. Even then, we obtainig new clients every week with a break even point nearing.

    We offer an All-You-Can-Eat plan if they purchase our premium services for both our server/workstation. What I find is that our clients really enjoy the predictability of a pricing structure that includes unlimited remote support. We make sure all this "free" support is captured in ConnectWise to show the client at the end of the month the value of MS. If the client requires a lot of onsite visits, then the premium plan is their best choice.

    We have started to send weekly report to our clients listing errors detected on servers. This "Request for Service"" email outlines the errors detected, the impact, and the estimated hours to resolve. The whole point of the Request for Service emails is to encourge clients to move over to our premium package which would include all these repairs.

    I would advise anyone when creating a price structure to factor in all your costs "overhead" to develop your price.

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