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getting ram info to update

  • i've been running some reports for co-workers and they tell me the ram information is incorrect. i've reran the audits and i'm not sure how long that should take but i'm curious as to what is standard practice to make sure these things stay updated. thanks in advance.

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  • Since audits collect both hardware and software information, they tend to be a bit of an intensive process. Audits can slow machines down, so you really need to run them after hours. This usually influences how often you can run them.

    We run them each night where we can, because we know that the employees at our customer sites won't be there, so there is no impact to them. Daily audits help to point out when there's been a hardware failure (you are alerted when a drive disappears, or you lose a stick a RAM, etc). So, if you can run them nightly, go for it.

    This may not be practical for you though, as maybe you only get a weekly or monthly maintenance window. Or maybe the impact is too great to run them in a recurring cycle at all. You can always make it a policy to force an audit whenever a manual hardware change is made.

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  • Are you running a 'latest' audit or a new baseline audit? I have seen some information require a baseline audit to be ran again before it is shown. You could also try deleting the Kaseya account from the server 'without uninstalling agent' (not the agent ON the workstation), and let it check in again.

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