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Pricing for Virtual Servers

  • I was wondering how people were charging for Virtual Servers. Do you charge the same rate for a Virtual Server as you would for a Physical Server? Do you discount it, say 25%? Do you charge for the vmWare ESX as well?, etc.
    Example: How/what would you do different for 1 Physical Server (ESX) and 3 Virtual Servers (Win 2003/Win 2008).


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  • We only discount our services that include onsite/physical replacement time. We do this simply because virtual servers are covered under the physical server they are running on. So, for our services that only include remote support, virtuals are priced the same.


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  • Charge for each guest virtual. Also, we charge for the host.

    Virtual servers cost more to manage.

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  • I am not a 100 percent sure but I believe our company charges based the role the machine is playing.

    If the guest is a DC or file server then its charged as a server.
    If the host is a DC/file/etc server and the guest is as well then we would charge for both
    If the host is ESX we definitely do not charge for it but we charge for the guests

    At our company we have, I am guessing 40+ virtual servers and they are a dream to work on. I personally wish every server we manage was virtual.

    The only problem we have ran into is we are a mixed environment with Kaseya on all server/workstations and zenith on all dedicated servers. Zenith handles patch management and they they reboot servers running hyperV or vmware server without shutting down the guest and starting them back up. We are working with zenith on this, we may wind up managing the reboots ourselves.

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