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Kaseya on Pentium3?

  • I've got a client with a Pentium 3 that we installed our agent on, seemed okay at first but then came up saying we needed to update. After attempting to update (to the same version), internet locked up and agent went red (showing off-line), ended task in inet, free'd up processes and was able to move around fine. However the agent is still showing off-line. I am able to access internet successful...the error I was getting was AVG causing problems. I installed AVG directly after installing agent...I've since uninstalled AVG and inet is fine, however agent is still showing off-line. Any suggestions? Client leaves for vacation this weekend and needs her system to be protected prior to leaving! Thanks in advance, Lynda

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  • I'm not sure if there's any connection, but I have several P3 (866MHz, 512MB RAM) machines that AVG does not seem to work well with. Clients use FireFox to browse the Internet, and AVG slows browsing to a crawl. I've narrowed it down to AVG's Web-Shield component (disable WS and they get normal browsing speed). I've got a ticket with K Support, but it's taking a long time to reach any conclusion because AVG keeps wanting me to do more and more diagnostic tests for them...

    I thought it interesting that K Support felt P3 866MHz PC's might not meet the minimum specs listed by AVG: http://www.avg.com/product-avg-internet-security-network-edition#tba2

    Looks like a typo in those AVG specs "1,2 GHz". I assume they meant 1.2GHz. I wonder if 1.2GHz implies a P4? I don't recall what speed P3s went up to...

    So you might try disabling Web-Shield thru AVG's User Interface on this problem machine. Run C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\AvgUI.exe to get to AVG's user interface, then double click on Web Shield and disable it... I'm just assuming your KES Installation Options has Web-Shield enabled?

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  • I should mention that oddly, Internet Explorer performance is NOT affected by AVG's Web Shield. Just FireFox (3.0.10 and even latest 3.5).

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  • P3s went up to 1.4Ghz...

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