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Linux Agent Capabilities

  • These slides from Kaseya Connect give some details on the Linux Agent Capabilities (slide 12).


    Audit, System Info, RC all seem self explanatory but I would love to know more about Procedures.

    Is it similar to Puppet or Cfengine, full fledged scripting engines similar to the features we have now on Windows through Kaseya?

    Or is it similar to Monit or Supervise which basically just monitor daemons and restarts them?

    We have been looking at implementing Puppet for a while but have not yet reached the tipping point with the number of managed Linux servers to justify it (yet). Last week we did have an issue with a Postfix mail server and one of the mail processing daemons shutting down and not restarting (darn you postfix-policyd!) so we are currently looking at implementing Monit on that server to assure the customer there won't be any further issues of that kind. Having it all integrated in Kaseya would be a dream come true Wink

    Also I think it was mentioned that a Beta of the Linux agents would be available in August, does that still look like a realistic goal?


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  • I agree, this would be huge. I hope Kaseya can come through with a Linux agent. Even if for nothing else but inventory purposes, this would be huge to us.

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