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Auto-close alarms

  • Is there any way to automatically close alarms in Kaseya? It would be nice to have a script close an alarm when it runs, or soemthing else along those lines. Processing tickets and manually closing alarms is a pain.

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  • I've looked into this and have not found a good way to natively do this within kaseya.
    The only way I can see how to do this is some SQL queries to find the link between the Alarm and the Ticket.
    Followed by some sort of a SOAP command sent through the Kaseya Web API telling the system to close the alarm.

    I am no programmer, so it is somewhere near the bottom of my list.

    If anyone else has done anything like this, chime in now.

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  • Yeah, this is the only way I have found. We use ConnectWise for ticketing which makes it a bit tricky. I'm going to use the web API to close the alarm, and I'm going to setup the alarms to trigger the email that generates the Connectwise ticket, and pass it the Alarm ID in the email. Then connectwise parses the email, creates ticket, and we'll add a workflow rule that sends the soap request when the ticket is completed. A bit of a workaround. I also need to find a way to manage duplicate alarms (sometimes an alarm is generated twice if the re-arm is one day and its open more than a day) but only 1 connectwise ticket is generated, as it ignores emails with the same summary as an open ticket.

    Anyone have an idea if Kaseya 6 is going to work on it's integration with Connectwise? We could also do alot more if the API provided more "write" functions like closeAlarm, and not just query functions.

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