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  • Hi All,

    I am using Kaseya to do our patch management and have a question on how to change the reboot notice to users. I have managed to change the text in the popup to include a more defined text and to place our company name in. I would like though to change the default button to be NO on the reboot as some people get this popup while typing and click enter at the time of the popup, which then re-boots the machine and then I get headache off them.

    has anyone managed to do this please ?


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  • We have not, this is indeed a pain but from my perspective is a design flaw with the active window in the Windows OS. I send a message to all users warning them that this will be occurring and a reboot will be required. A couple of customers have asked that we patch workstations at the same time as servers (at night) because of this. Hope this helps!

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  • Hi jwhitford,

    Yes it is a massive issue as if the popup comes up while they are typing the default answer is yes and then the machine shuts down and they don't know why. I will continue look around or do like you say and patch at night, but this still leaves me with laptop users.

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  • What if on reboot action you simply selected 'do not reboot', then configured a reboot script to run on XX day at XX time (after hours) when patching is complete - skip if offline in case a workstation is powered off so it does not reboot when it checks in next.

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  • restart-dialog.jpg
    You can make a custom dialog in AutoIT, see below for one that you can't close until you have confirmed the prompt.

    You could then make the first step check for that file and its content and perform an action based on that.

    I was quick and just piped a flag out to a text file via command line, but AutoIT can read inifiles which will make the exe portable site to site.





    Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)


    Func AnnoyUser()

    Local $checkCN, $checkBTN, $msg

    GUICreate("Confirm Restart??", 200, 200, BitOR($DS_SETFOREGROUND,$DS_MODALFRAME))

    $checkCN = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("Check here to confirm the restart" , 10, 10,180,30)


    $checkBTN = GUICtrlCreateButton("OK", 70, 50, 60)

    While 1

    If GUICtrlRead($checkCN) = 4 Then

    _GUICtrlButton_Enable($checkBTN, False)


    If GUICtrlRead($checkCN) = 1 Then

    _GUICtrlButton_Enable($checkBTN, True)


    $msg = GUIGetMsg()


    Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

    msgbox(0,"Oops, please read the message","You need to confirm the message first")

    Case $msg = $checkBTN

    Run('cmd /c echo User_Accept_reboot>c:\kaseya_temp\reboot_flag.txt')





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