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Client access via https

  • We have had this working for a long time and the process to configure it is documented/straightforward. My issue is that over the past couple of weeks I have had multiple reports from clients that they cannot open a ticket through the icon. Each time the url has been reset to http:

    Setting it back by opening Kaseya on the server console using https is successful each time but it would be nice if we didn't have to keep doing this. Typically I would suspect the culprit to be a hotfix but I just had to reset again this morning and the last hotfix release was 6/24.

    Anyone else with similar experience or, perhaps, an idea what might be going on?



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  • This link is configured per agent under the Agent tab > Agent Menu in the KServer. Make sure the settings are sticking and not reverting for one reason or another. Does this happen to all of your agents or a group/pattern of them?

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  • Thanks for the input...however, you cannot make a selection between http and https within the interface....as far as I know. This is configured on the VSA server console by logging into https://localhost using Master admin credentials

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