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  • Is there still no way get a full report for KES and BUDR license usage? DO we have to manually go through and count them all?

    I need automated license usage reports going to our accounting bi-monthly.

    Has this really not been addressed yet?

    Bueller? Bueller?

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  • Billing is always fun. To modify the agreement billing quantity, when a new agent is installed, an email is sent to our office administrator stating the MachineId.group and the level of service associated with the agent install and indicates that the device must be added to the agreement. This email is captured by our ConnectWise email connector and a service ticket is created for our office staff.

    To verify counts, we use two methods to quantify license use for billing. For straight license use, we go to System > License Manager to get the count of licenses in use.

    Because we charge different amounts for different levels of service we needed a way to run a report in Kaseya to quantify who is on what plan. To help us keep it straight, we have added a script to run on each type of agent install that we have that signifies the level of support they receive.

    Step 1: Create a public and name it as the level of service provided. IE. Remote Support. This script has no steps, it is just there as a place holder to tag the agent. In fact, we put it in a public folder called "Agent Tagging."

    Step 2: Schedule this script to run on a recurring basis for the agents that are covered for that level of service. Because all that matters is that it scheduled, we have our scripts run once a month.

    Step 3: Create a custom view that includes all devices with that script scheduled. "Select View" drop down, create a new view, select "With script " scheduled.

    Step 4: Create an aggregate report based upon the machine group/view as needed. Go to Reports > Aggregate Table and save the report.

    Step 5: Schedule the reports to be emailed to your office admin in preparation for billing.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate the feedback.

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