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  • We, like probably most of you here, are paying for Kaseya support. We were told when we bought in that it would be silly to pay for something without getting support for it. These days, I'm not so sure that's correct.

    In the past several months, response time on every single ticket I've opened has taken several days to get a response from an intelligent being. Most of the time, my tickets go two or three weeks without response. I'm forced to contact my sales rep and tell him to escalate the ticket each time.

    Sure, I get this response almost immediately:

    Thank you for contacting Kaseya Support.

    Your request has been escalated to a feature specialist. You should get a further update shortly.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kaseya Support

    Is anyone else actually getting support for the product in less than a 1 week timeframe? I honestly haven't seen any decent support at all since they outsourced their tier 1 to India.

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  • The support I get thru their own ticketing system varies. Like you said, they have a canned reply that at least acknowledges they got our ticket. Level 1 support, until more recently, never resolved any of my issues. Either they did not read all my detailed notes, or they do not understand English very well, or both. More recently, level one has been a little better, occasionally identifying the issue... A small step forward Kaseya, but at least it's forward!

    Response times from more senior support staff (level 2?) vary. Sometimes I get a reply the same day, other times days or weeks go by. Then I have to pester my salesperson...

    I have a very simple ticket that has gone unanswered since it was created on 1/20 (so it's now 9 days old). Here's all I asked:
    Once I delete a ticket thru the VSA using Ticketing->Delete/Archive,
    when should that ticket's folder get deleted from WebPages\ManagedFiles
    on my KServer?

    The only response came 3 days after I created it, with the same canned response you mentioned.

    My intuition tells me that once a ticket is assigned to a Kaseya support person, there are no further automated processes to keep track of it. So we are at the mercy of the assignee Sad If that person is overloaded, lazy, sick or whatever - the ticket just sits in limbo - until I call and pester someone.

    If this was an inexpensive product, I could accept so-so support. But I feel like I'm paying BIG bucks, and often getting mediocre (or worse) support.

    I came onboard in March 08, and since that time have logged about 170 tickets. Probably 20 or so bugs were uncovered - so I have a track record of finding bugs... I would have thought that might get my tickets more attention, but sometimes I think support is pissed off at having to deal with another ticket from Mike Reed Eek

    How do we get Kaseya to improve support? Forum messages like this, as well as complaining (and providing constructive critcism) to salespeople and more senior employees: e.g. George Fernandez is Technical Support Manager & Alan Davis is Director of Global Support. Kaseya email addresses are formatted as First.Last@Kaseya.com

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  • Not blowing my own horn, I think I have an even better ratio of support tickets to bugs found. In fact, I just glanced at my last 20 tickets, and only three of them were not due to a malfunction with the Kaseya software. One was a feature request, one was an advice question, and the third was already backwardly answered in the BUDR 3 webinar.

    In short, I really only needed what I consider to be support once out of the past 20 tickets. Most of the rest of the time, I had to tell them that their software was broken.

    Which brings up a MUCH larger question...

    Why the heck do we have to *pay extra* to get something that works like it's supposed to? I shouldn't have to pay for "support" unless I actually needed support. I don't consider me reporting bugs and Kaseya eventually fixing them as "support". That's me paying to be a beta tester for them. In short, I'm paying twice: once with money in exchange for nothing at all, and the second in time, hassle, and pain when I try to do something that is documented to work. I thought the rather large amount of money I was paying for the *product* would get me something that works like it's supposed to?

    I don't mind the monthly billing model. They have to make their money in some sort of recurring fashion so they can continue to employ developers to create new features and fix problems with existing features. I totally understand that. My problem is that they are charging us *extra* for something they should be doing anyway...making a product that works.Eek

    Something needs to change.

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  • I completely agree. I having been onboard since Mar 08, and like you, many times I do feel like I am a beta tester for the overall product Sad One exception was for a KES 2 beta I agreed to participate in - I expected problems. But just about every module I use I find bugs...

    To be very blunt: I think there is a large amount of apathy amongst longtime customers. They are all essentially part of a "captive audience". Think about it - say you've been using it for several years and have tens of thousands of dollars (or more) invested, countless hours trying to learn the product, tailor it for your needs etc. How quick will you really be likely to "jump ship"? Do you want to throw away all that money - or weather the storm and hope Kaseya irons out all the bugs, delivers the promised feature updates etc? Every month that goes by, I too am becoming more of a prisoner Sad

    To give praise when it's due: Some Kaseya support staff do a superb job in finding answers to my problems - and adding new features I've requested! Try getting that from Microsoft Smile

    So I end up with mixed feelings: some days I am thrilled with Kaseya, as it's a rich product with tremendous potential. But there are those days, when bugs surface and timely resolutions are nowhere in sight, that I feel like jumping ship. What ship would that be though? I tried N-Able and it was a disaster, as their experts could not even get a demo running on my own system!

    Also to be fair to Kaseya: they are trying to do so many things with this product, coming out with (and continually improving) some really cool add-ons etc. As a programmer I know this continuing development means bugs - it's unavoidable... But, if they took testing more seriously (as I thought they promised they would after the K2008 release disaster), they could catch most of the bugs before releasing updates to us customers. The fact that all these bugs gets by means: a) insufficient testing b) they do not use their own product (or not very extensively like us MSPs).

    It would also be nice if they provided customers access to "change logs" for all the interim updates and hotfixes that transpire almost daily. Heck, make it a read-only section on the forums. As a programmer, I could probably have used those logs to pinpoint to support why I was having problems...

    Nuff rambling - someone else's turn...

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  • Although we tend to spend the time to figure out the problem before calling/emailing support, the few times we have did not set easy (long response time and unusable answers).

    I would like to have seen more about support in the Kaseya Roadmap plans. I keep seeing the maintenance charge each month and really wonder why it is that we are paying it. I feel we should be paid for it since we all are the testers of this stuff and seem to be the ones finding the bugs.

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  • Somebody's enjoying themselves on a yacht somewhere. Smile

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  • I'd love to get more official communications from Kaseya as to exactly what they are doing with all our monies (oops, I mean their monies) to make things run better. Maybe my Junk Mail has hidden it from me, but weren't they supposed to open some multi-million dollar testing center (in VA?)? I thought they promised that at the conference last year after the K2008 release disaster.

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  • Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd make a note that you're right, you are at the mercy of the assignee, I had a tech that began working on an issue early Friday, and left around mid-day due to sickness. I didnt hear back until I contacted my sale rep who let me know he had to leave on Friday afternoon.

    He's back and working on it now to get it sorted, lets hope that all turns out okay Smile

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  • If there was only one change Kaseya made in their Support dept in 2009, I'd want it to be timely responses to tickets. That means they need to either assign staff to monitor the ticket queue or design an automated process to catch tickets that are not receiving timely updates. I would think their current ticketing system could be used by support staff to find tickets that go without an answer (or update) for more than x hours/days. Even tickets that have been assigned need to be monitored - in fact, that is the weakest link in their current methodologies (once assigned, nobody monitors it).

    If they don't want to assign someone the job of monitoring the ticket queue, why not automate the monitoring process with some simple SQL reports that run periodically and send emails off to alert support managers as well as the techs that were assigned the ticket? I'm a newbie to Kaseya and could write such a report in about 30 minutes...

    I have a hunch that they are not using any of these approaches because of the touted new features that are being developed for the ticketing module, which includes the ability for all sorts of alerts on overdue tickets. But we all know that may be a LONG time before those new features become a reality. So why not implement an automated system right NOW? Put an end to the lack-luster and inconsistent level of support we all seem to experience!!

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  • Just a quick question to you all:

    If Kaseya support requested that you make alterations to specific ASP pages, what would your response be?


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  • I'd be just a bit surprised. As I understand it, during many updates they replace these web pages. So what would be the point.

    I might do this myself for debugging, but I would think that a Kaseya support person would connect and try it themselves if that were the case.

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  • Assuming they are trying to troubleshoot some issue, I'd respond "father knows best" and do it Smile

    If Kaseya support requested that you make alterations to specific ASP pages, what would your response be?

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  • My 2 cents...

    I'd say out of the tickets I open, 1 in 4 is dealt with in a reasonable amount of time. Granted I try not to open any cases with the priority set to "1" unless I really need it dealt with super promptly... but since most I open as a "2" I certainly don't hear right back from them very quickly.

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  • As a general observation I have created tickets and then called their support line as that is a requirement before calling them. I get to talk to a tech and it's a timly process to get anything resolved.

    As far as this Kaseya forum, I find there is minimum involment, feedback, or answers from any Kaseya staff...to which I expected there to be a lot more.
    Now I understand more why I was denied access to the Kaseya form prior to purchasing the product as I wanted to see the level of support here on their end. Disappointing.

    I don't expect any changes to occure by just expressing our views in this thread on this forum so I encurage everyone to contact their Kaseya Rep and express their view on this and ask for feedback. This will certainly be a more benificial way of helping them inprove support.

    I also realize some may want to pull out of the support part of the product so please also express this if this is your position.

    I believe Kaseya is a great product however quality of support needs to be addressed.

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  • Lets all not forget some of the recent improvements to support K has made (for example Jeff Keyes watching the forums and working with us). I have also found that responses to tickets have been getting quicker and better (though I still experience poor response times or poor responses to issues from time to time).

    With all of this being said, I see K improving in the right direction and really want to incourage them (positively) to keep doing this. As a business partner with Kaseya (and lets face it K is a important business partner for all of us) I and motivated for them to continue to improve, as this will continue to improve my services to my clients.

    Like I said, we're in this together so we need to make sure we build as many win win situations as we can with Kaseya.

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