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Using a PC on the lan for local installs

  • Ive been using Kaseya for a week and I'm struggling with what I think is one of the most simple concepts. I want to install the backup software (over 150mb) to each machine on our lan. It tells me to go to the patch module and tell the PCs to pull from another PC, not the internet. The question is...Do I manually install files to a PC or server on the lan. I mean do I install the backup software to a PC? Do I install every windows patch to a local PC/server? Or is the data already there somehow? I'm really confused and this is a fundamental portion of the software to me. What and where do you install on a local lan PC that has the kaseya agent? thanks for you help.

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    Basically, the fundamentals are as follows:
    1. Set the "Agent Credential" for all systems that will be pulling from the file source. Ideally all machines are in the same Active Directory domain, in which case you simply use an account with Domain Admin or similar permissions (it has to have local admin rights on each machine, and rights to the network share you will be using). This is done in the Agent tab, under "Set Credential".
    2. Set up the "File Source" under the Patch Mgmt tab. The link above should help you with this.
    3. Then, simply trigger an install - the first time you do, it will download the whole package to the file source, rather than to the individual machine. Subsequent installs will pull from the file source, if the file has already been downloaded.

    There are a few things to keep in mind once you have this set up:
    Caveat #1: If you look in "Pending Scripts" when you are installing something (particularly KES, but I believe this happens with BU*DR as well) you won't see a pending script for the install on the agent you're trying to install to until *after* the download is completed on the agent you're using for file source! This is because of the way the scripts are chained together; the "download the file to the file source" script triggers the "install the software on the machine" script once it is finished!
    Caveat #2: Especially with KES - the installer package changes on a regular basis - if you are installing a large number of machines at once, they will all benefit from this speedup (after the first one!) If you then install some more the following week, the initial one may be slow, since the KServer may see a newer version of the installer available, and not "reuse" the one from the previous week.

    The practical effect of this usually manifests where you start saying "This install is taking *forever*!" and start digging into causes... then, just as you're about to open a ticket with Kaseya support, you decide to check it just one more time, and it's finished.

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  • Thanks so much. That's similiar to how I thought it would work. I just was struggling understanding how it works. I appreciate the response.

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