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Kaseya causing system crashes

  • Hi Guys,

    I have 14 servers in my workplace, one of those server is a new 2008 enterprise box which is acting as our core virtual server, off this is hanging 4 other servers which hold our main applications.

    The past 2 weeks I have had the server crash twice, on the last crash I performed a memory dump report and the probable cause came back as the KASEYAHA.SYS file.

    I didn't realise it even had the potential to crash a system, but does anyone know why?

    I have removed the agent from the system (it is still running on our virtuals, just not on the virtual host), I'd like to have it on there, but I do not and can not afford more system crashes, especially considering that one of the virtuals the system is holding is our Kaseya Server.....(which will soon be moved onto its own physical box, just as soon as we can free one up).

    Your comments are appreciated.



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  • hummm... at first thought I'd say your email is a knee jerk reaction to your preliminay finding. Let's try and dig depper first before making a final decision. Did you enable the network driver for Kaseya on your server agents? If so this is a bad idea, and you'll find other forum postings regarding this, as well as it being stated in the online training videos (and at the bootcamps as well).

    Other than this being a correct guess, I'm not sure what is happening. I do know that I've deployed this to over 2000 machines (desktop and servers) along with a big client of mine pushing it out to over 5500 machines, and have not had any issues with the deploy of the client. This is why my first thought is the agent install has been configured incorrectly, and usually this is because of end user training.

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  • I also run a server 2008 core hyper-v host. I had the same crashing issue due to the agent. i found that disabling the network driver and disabling all of the auditing features resolved the issue. I realize its a work around but the alternative being having no monitoring setup this seemed like the best choice.

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  • So, I uninstalled Kaseya off our virtual server, no crashes;

    I have an external customer though that has just had 2008 enterprise implemented into their site this enterprise is not a core virtual host; it actually though does run 1 virtual server, although this 2008 box does have a GUI unlike the our server; it crashed again probably due to the kaseyaha.sys file.

    Boudji I have checked the network drivers; they have been disabled, checked this via AUDIT>NETWORK ACCESS if this isn't the right area to be checking please let me know.

    I have also taken in the other suggestion posted here of disabling the auditing features; as this machine is an external customer I'd love to keep kaseya on it.

    Has anyone else got any further info.

    BTW all these changes were only just made to the external customers kaseya agent; so I'll need to give it a week to test; but its Thursday here and its crashed twice this week because of the KASEYAHA.SYS file.

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  • Still not following why this is happening... I currently support 4 Windows 2008 Ent Servers each running Hyper-v role with 4 virtuals each server. K agent has been on all 4 from day one (since Windows 2008 came out) and I haven't had a problem. On all 4 host machines I do run daily audits, I do monitor the system performance, I do alerts against it. I DO NOT have KES installed or BUDR. I DO NOT scan or manage patches against these machines (I prefer to do patching manual for Hyper-V host machines).

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  • I can confirm this... I had a client that installed a Windows 2008, Hyper-V server that was preforming Physical 2 Virtual conversions each night as a backup... this Win 2008 server handled printing, a scanning application, and had Kaseya & KES installed (no BUDR & note I am referring to the Host machine). Because of its light use and a configuration mistake, we did not notice for some time that the server was rebooting usually weekly @ approx 12:30 PM (it was crashing and was rebooting automatically b/c of the HP settings). Once it was discovered, we worked with Microsoft to create Dump files and analyze... they confirmed the cause as "KASEYAHA.SYS". We verified that there were no scripts running during the crash time... and even physically watched the Process CPU/Memory Usage as a Crash happened.

    I first Uninstalled KES and monitored for 2 weeks... this did not correct the issue. I then unisntalled Kaseya and monitored for 2 weeks... this DID CORRECT the issue. I have reciently reinstalled Kaseya (No KES) and am monitoring to see if the issue returns (thoughts being that perhaps the Kaseya Agent install was corrupt, etc.).

    I am hoping greatly that the issue does not return as the client is soon to use the host to run a live Virtual Machine.


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  • Our Virtual hasn't crashed since removing Kasyea; and despite not having done anything to our external customers agent its been running ok since I made my last post; its got me beat though I have no idea why it would be happening.

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