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Remote control not working on Vista Machines

  • We are currently experiencing the following issue only on Vista Machines:

    We click on a machine to remote control (VNC, KVNC, or Terminal Server) and we get the "Please wait while the remote control viewer loads" message, usually within a few seconds we get a countdown and remote control starts. Now it just stays at the "Please wait while the remote control viewer loads." Is anyone else experiencing this? I first noticed this Friday afternoon.



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  • Here's a reply from support that actually fixed this issue:


    Initiating a remote control session to a machine hangs at the web page:

    'Start Encrypted remote control session

    Please wait while the remote control viewer loads.

    Note: This may take a couple of minutes to load the first time.'

    The remote control software never loads and no remote control session is ever initiated.

    There is an issue with the kaRemote.dll ActiveX component on the machine you are attempting the remote control session from.

    You need to delete the kaxRemote.dll from C:\windows\Downloaded Program Files. The easiest way to do this in Vista is to start a command prompt with Run as Administrator priveleges, cd into the above directory (use tab completion) and del kawRemote.dll.

    Then restart a remote control session and install the ActiveX component again. You should see e.g. the WinVNC icon launch in the task bar once you have successfully installed the component and started initiating the remote control session.


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