Hello everyone!

Vital question here: is there any room for customization in the agent? Can any custom code be run on the agent side, say "As part of the agent"?

I'm getting to the point that I am writing apps for the client side to gather data that cannot be gathered via Kaseya.

For example: although Kaseya has a way to watch event logs for clients, it takes many resources, AND it still doesn't allow you to do much with them (make alerts and perform 1 action). So I created a service to install on client machines that will monitor the entire event log in real time for anything I specify (parameters in an unmanaged .dll) and then pipe it back to my SQL database through a web interface.

It would be nice if we could create a "plugin" that runs in the agent to perform these actions, that was still lightweight and didn't require 10 scripts to do. Even if an API was exposed for the actions the agent can perform. Any ideas?

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