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Script bug: ASP timeouts editing a script *if* large # folders/files in VSASharedFiles

  • The thing that amazes me is that I keep encountering bugs/quirks/problems - and I'm a K newbie. Granted, K is a hell of a product that does do many things. It's just that some of the things are not very polished... It makes me think they do not use it very much themselves, or only superficially.

    Cute, very cute. Big Smile My recommendation for using the "write directory" function wasn't written with very large, very complex directories in mind, however...

    I agree that Kaseya really needs a better way to offer us lists of Shared Files, but my point stands that as written now, it's not built for what you were originally trying to do. Maybe Kv6 (or Kaseya 2009 or whatever they decide to call it) will bring much-needed improvements to the script-building UI. (Please? Pretty please?)

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  • CeruleanBlue
    "Kaseya Script Pack"? What.

    Is that something separate from the scripts that are included with the default install? Did they come from the hosted version of Kaseya?


    I heard something about a pack of premade scripts you can buy... can't find any info about it now though.

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