So, it's the day after DST, and suddenly our KServer is 4 hours off. However, it's not that simple.

The clock on the server OS is showing the correct time and time zone.
The clock on the client OS (my own computer) is showing correct time and TZ.

All the times showing in the Kaseya Web interface is 4 hours off. For instance:

Time Information
KServer time (local): 4:33:01 pm 9-Mar-09
Agent time (local): 4:33:01 pm 9-Mar-09
Last checkin: 12:33:01 pm 9-Mar-09
Last reboot: 7:14:44 pm 5-Mar-09

Here, last checkin should match the Agent time, but instead, it's 4 hours off.

If I schedule a script to "Run Now", it will be scheduled to run 4 hours ago, then run, and then report back that it finished, 4 hours ago ...


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