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agent provisioning corrupted

  • issue resolved by applying sql 2005 SP2...

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    Agent reports: Password not accepted by Kserver....

    We have just provisioned a new kserver and migrated the data from our old server. Any new agent that we provision, whether by making a new one, or by copying settings from another system exhibits the same error after installation.

    Note the agent checks into the kserver on the scheduled basis but other than the system information the other data, including the address of the kserver is missing or incorrect.

    The kserver log says:
    Wed Dec 31 11:52:42 2008: vivazapata.g-and-z (63375874885770433296193963) logged in after connection dropout.
    Wed Dec 31 11:52:42 2008: ERROR: A corrupted config file was found for 'vivazapata.g-and-z' (63375874885770433296193963).
    Wed Dec 31 11:52:42 2008: Completed checkin processing for vivazapata.g-and-z (63375874885770433296193963)

    If we install an older agent (one that was saved) everything works fine.
    Everything works fine after we upgrade the deployed (older) agent.

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  • the KaseyaD.ini file duplicated a few lines and omited the entire protected files section.

    here is one pain in the neck workaround
    on the kserver delete the agent without doing an uninstall
    On the target machine stop kaseya services on the target machine, edit the ini file, restart.

    caveat: the check in control settings may need to be edited afterwards. In our case the agent i was manipulating was for a lan machine and required resetting to be a local ip address.

    one of the symptoms we noted has a possible fix of loading sql2005 sp2 which we are in the process of doing.

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  • SQL Server 2005 SP2 needed to be installed.

    what a waste of time.

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