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Kausrtsk.exe won't load

  • I have one PC that won't run Kausrtsk.exe. (Or if it does run, it doesn't stay loaded.) It doesn't run from the "Run" registry key, I can't run it from a batch file, it won't even run when I double-click it in Explorer. However I try to run it, the process just doesn't show up.

    I've uninstalled/reinstalled the agent, but no change.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • I'm also having this issue. The kausrtsk.exe process runs regardless of your agent menu setting. It seems to be an operating system (Vista SP1 32-bit in this case) as reloading the workstation and reinstalling the agent fixes the problem (simply reinstalling the agent does not fix the issue). Anyone else have some luck?

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  • We also have that problem. Our client had spyware. After clean up that laptop kaseya icon not showing anymore. But i can manage that laptop. Seems service is forking but no any kaseya icon. Reinstall kaseya agent doesn't helped.

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  • This is also happening to some of my clients (limited to one LAN only) so I suspect something is going on there.  

    Was there ever an oficial answer to this problem?  Or should I submit a support request?