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Confusion about patching.

  • Here's the deal. I wanted to force out the MS08-067 patch last night to all our clients, so I made a change to the reboot policy, and forced patch scan for all machines just to ensure that the Kaseya server knew who needed the patch or not.

    I then did the Patch Update and clicked on "Machines" next to the patch I wanted to applied. I then selected all the machines, cleared the "Skip if offline" box, and set the time for when the patch would be installed. Pretty straight forward.

    This is what I expected would happen: All computers that were online at the scheduled time would apply the selected patch, then then reboot according to the reboot policy. Machines that were not online at the time, would install the patch as soon as they came online, and it was set to not skip it.

    Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Those who were online was patched as expected, however, the machines that were offline has the patch set to Pending, and it's just sitting there. It's not installing immediately as expected, rather it seems to be waiting for something??

    What I don't understand is what it is waiting for? If I schedule a script to run with the "skip if offline" deselected, the script will run as soon as the machine comes online. Why is patching different? It's really just another scheduled script...

    Any suggestions on how to rectify this now? I still need to patch a number of computers, and I need to make sure that this happens. If the "Skip if offline" deselected isn't working for patching, then why is it even an option?

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  • Put in a support ticket... that doesn't sound right. You should be able to re-schedule the patch as machines come only (in the meantime) and it will run the patch.

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