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New Remote Control Option - web / telnet / ssh / vmware

  • This is in no way an endorsement of N-Able as I much prefer Kaseya but I understand that N-Able has added new remote control capabilities. These seem really important as to avoid the need for VPN to each clients office.

    N-Central 6.7 adds major new remote control types:
    – Secure Shell (SSH) / Telnet: provides management of Linux, Mac, and
    Network devices
    – Web-Based: Gives remote access to firewall protected web consoles like
    firewalls, printers, switches, etc
    – Generic: Allows you to connect a local client to a remote server on a
    specified port ( Vmware VI Client, VOIP management console, etc)

    Is there any plans for Kaseya to add these and/or is there a roadmap that shows planned features?

    I'm particularly interested in the ability to connect to a routers web interface within the clients site. We also have an online backup product that is web based and runs a local webserver for configuration. Other applications may be to connect to a web-enabled phone system or other web based consoles.


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  • I wouldn't hold your breath. If I could reverse time, I'd be with Nable, not Kaseya.

    My sales rep told me when we went ahead with Kaseya that "You wont belive the new remote capabilities in 2008".

    What changed? vnc now works wth Vista.

    Don't get me wrong... there's plenty I really like about Kaseya... but their development and support SUCK.

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  • I'd like to find out how N-Able does SSH/Telnet & remote access to web consoles... cause something still has to host them anyway... I mean what is going to proxy the communications? I can already do all of this by grabbing a server or PC at a client site. Sounds like lipstick oin a pig (I could be wrong!). You guys need to stop listening to sales hype and question everything you are being told by the competition. They KNOW K's weakpoints and as any business will, they will try to exploit the weak spots. I have personally evalated N-Able and found that the overall product was not as robust as K's.

    HOWEVER, (Kaseya I am speaking to YOU!!!!) they are attacking one critical weakness of Kaseya and that is SERVICE and SUPPORT. If they keep pushing in this area, and K keeps regressing, I really believe THAT is what will open the door for N-Able to raid K's clients.

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