I tested Connectwise, Autotask and Tigerpaw........After using Tigerpaw for a year it is awesome.....support is excellent it is NOT corporate like connectwise where everything is by the book. Customer services is true customer service...VERY flexible. ALL at less than half the cost. For those of you are in the middle of testing CRM product I strongly urge you to check out Tigerpaw. Recently I decided to venture back into Connectwise because everyone compliments connectiwise so much....Both have pluses and minuses but Tigerpaw has more pluses. By end of this year they are going to release Kaseya Integration. Even wihtout Kaseya Integration, I have cut my administrative tasks to less than 25% of what it used to be. I am not an affiliate of TP nor have any interest in the company. If anyone wants to speak to me about my experiences with all 3 products I would be more than happy to share. you can email me directly at rtrivedi@cadrenet.net

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