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Some Agents Randomly Not Appearing During Deployment

  • After close to a year of relatively issue free Kaseya agent deployment, I have hit an unusual snag. I am deploying in and around 300 agents to a single geographical site. The site has a DMZ, containing 10 machines that I cannot see yet as the firewall has not yet been configured to pass through the 5721 port yet - fair enough. Of the other 290, all of which reside on the same subnet range, only 17 are showing up on Kaseya.

    This was not an issue with deployment, as I used to the tried and trusted psexec manual deployment (on 300 machines!!!) and also had to manually disable Windows Firewall on each as Group Policy appeared not have been effective in this regard.

    Has anyone ever come up against this before?

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  • It seems even though all agents were deployed using the same executable file that 95% of them have decided to try and communicate using the internal LAN IP Address of our Kaseya server rather than the external URL.

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