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Services pricing - volume/quantity discount question

  • Hello. I run an established IT consulting business (19+ years). I have recently invested in Kaseya - 2500 node license. We are currently in Kaseya beta-testing with abotu 10 clients (~10 servers, ~200 PCs). In September, our plan is to install Kaseya Agents on all servers and all desktops/laptops for all clients - ~150 servers and ~1500 desktops/laptops.

    We are trying to finalize our pricing. At this point, we are NOT going total "managed services". We have a very good existing recurring service agreement with our clients for regularly scheduled onsite weekly/biweekly/monthly service. Maybe we will look at going "managed services" in the future.

    For now, we are simply looking to simply "add-on" more services using Kaseya, such as - improved server monitoring, add desktop-laptop monitoring, IT automation tools, add asset management, add patch management, add reporting service, etc. From what I can tell, these types of services roughly corresponds with what most MSPs call their Basic Service Level. I see prices ranging from $100-$200 per server, and $10-$20 per desktop/laptop, per month.

    My question is... for those of you that offer this type of service... do you provide any volume/quantity discounts? For example, if a Customer A has 1 server and 10 PCs, and Customer B has 2 servers 40 PCs, and Customer C has 4 servers and 100 PCs - do they all pay the same Unit Price per server and per PC?

    Or do you offer some type of discount? And if so, what type of discount percentages?

    Thanks very much in advance.


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  • We don't discount at all for that kind of stuff. More machines = more work. When we did block time we did, but only because it was commonplace to do so.

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  • First, set your prices 10% to 20% higher than what you wish to get. Secondly, when signing up a client, grudgingly give them this as a discount. Therefore you end up making the price you want! (do the same with blocks!).

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