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Growing number of Kaseya issues

  • I would greatly appreciate some input from other users of Kaseya. We have been experiencing ongoing issues since the Kaseya 2008 upgrade. As of right now we are experiencing the grey agent issue for all of our agents. We have followed the normal procedure of creating a support ticket with all the details. We then seem to always get the standard response of directions to update the KSERVER.EXE and agent installer deployment file. Then verify the latest hot fixes are installed. Then after responding to Kaseya support that we have followed the directions and continue to have the problem we seem to stop receiving a response. My theory is that the ticket is being escalated up and getting to a smaller group of higher level support that is probably flooded with issues due to the release of the poor software.
    I have gone from being very impressed when first starting with Kaseya about 2 years ago to now hating the software, and support. I would like to hear any other perspectives or recent experiences others are having.

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  • A quick question... what are the specs of your K server and # of users?

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  • We've pretty much run into the same thing. Kaseya ran great for years and after the 2008 update we've had nothing but problems. Kaseya support has been very helpful but it appears to be something we just have to deal with. We do nothing different now than we did before the upgrade and we have roughly the same number of agents. I'm just hoping and praying SP1 will help and not make things any worse.

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  • I've been using Kaseya for about 4 months now. My organization changed over from Level Platforms SP2. I have to say the change has been night and day. I've been impressed so far, but I feel I’m only utilizing 60% of its capabilities.

    However, Kasey’s support has been poor at best. There is definitely room for improvement. I won't go into detail; it’s the same old story told all over the forums.

    My question to you is: Do you feel that you are using Kaseya for all it is worth and how long did it take you to get there?

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  • We also converted form LPI, although we did it about 16 months ago. From what I have been told, 2008 is the first load that was written by multiple 'teams" and the versions before it were written in essence by the same group but they have had to grow past that. That was a major cause of all the initial issues. I will be quick to point out how awesome a job they have been doing for us since we escalated our issues and stopped griping and just opening tickets left and right under many different accounts. Until they finish a central support portal for opening tickets, they have us using a single login to open them all (which is WAY better for us to track them) and we have an ongoing communication with the dev team and they are VERY quick to react and resolve issues once they understand everything happening on the system. They openly admit they had MAJOR issues with 2008 when released, and we respect them for that. We have also learned our lesson the hard way - let the brave smaller customers jump on the newest code and work out as many bugs as possible so when we upgrade and have a major new issue they have the staff available to properly see it to resolution.

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  • 2008 is actually working pretty good now. I was having an issue 2 weeks ago with agents going off-line every 2 hours. I believe I resolved this by hitting the Reload button on the Configuration Page and then redownloading all of the Hotfixes (also after Updateing KServer.exe to and the Agent to

    After I did this the server was much more stable. I do have a few open issues.

    We have been on KS2008 now for a month and the system still is asking me to update to 2008 when I log in.

    Our Database has grown from 24GB pre-update to 38GB post-update (anyone else have growth like this?).

    We did have some KES issues where agents were not updating to KES 1.2 thus not getting updates, but that was resolved last week.

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  • You are likely being overloaded with event logs. Our db jumped at least 10GB with the 2008 upgrade.


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  • It's also kind of sad from a support standpoint when you look at the profile for the Kaseya forum admin and you only see 144 posts.

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