I have had several occasions in the last few months where an email address disappeared from Ticketing->Notify Policy's Email List. I usually put my own email address there, as well as each client's office admin's email addr. The several times it happened, I did have pending tickets with Kaseya. I suspect that a Kaseya support person is deleting the client's email address so as to avoid sending an email to my client as a result of Kaseya testing out a ticketing issue I reported.

But this drives me nuts, as all of a sudden clients (office admins) stop getting new or updated tickets via email Mad

I have decided to disable the Kaseya support account on my VSA and require they contact me pre and post support.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I am sure this is just a case of human error by Kaseya - but it's very disruptive. And if they make other mistakes while logged in???

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