Hello Everyone,

I am well aware of the popularity of the Kaseya Network Driver Agent. We have several sites where we are forced to disable to network driver due to application conflicts.

However i hope you can agree on the usefulness of those beautiful network traffic statistics reports. From the sales perspectives they make a huge impact and from the tech standpoint just a month ago they helped immensely in tracking a virus infection and propagation for a 6 site/350 user network.

Question: Has anyone gotten the network driver to behave with 3rd party apps after noticing issues. E.g. Currently it appears that Quickbooks Enterprise 2008 is such application that after enabling driver starts to lose connection to the company file randomly throughout the day.

I have tried different order of installations i.e. Installing Agent prior to Application Install/Installing Application prior to Agent install with no luck.

Kaseya support cannot help because as they explained it is not an issue with their driver but rather how these apps interact with the computer.

Calling vendor such as Quickbooks would be a waste since they would not be able to help.

Anyone would like to share their feedback/experience?

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