Was wondering if anyone has had issues with an agent reporting back from a machine with a MAC bridge? Or, along those same lines, if anyone has experienced issues with a machine with Verizon wireless syncing software for a Palm device?

I can't unbridge the NIC (it's grayed out, even with machine and domain admin accounts) and the next step is to uninstall the NIC and then reinstall hoping that it doesn't bind to the bridge by default.

The agent deployed succesfully, shows up as having been deployed in the LAN watch installation screen (however, the machine info is in red), but has never replied back. I have tried to telnet back to our Kserver, and have not been succesful. Nothing of interest in the logs, and it's the only device on the LAN that we're having difficulty with (go figure, it belongs to the CEO) Wink

Appreciate all and any help. Thanks!

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