I was hoping someone with SEP installed could help me out with this one ... I don't have access to a machine with SEP installed at the moment, so I'm a little stranded.

I have a script that runs the "doscan" executable to scan a computer. It's a simple script that simply does:
doscan.exe /cmdlinescan /LOGFILE="c:\logs\scanlog.txt"

For SAV (10), this works pretty well, but some of the SEP installation comes back without the log file. So, I don't know if the scan ran or not ...

Could someone with SEP test the above statement for me and see if it creates the logfile as it should? doscan.exe /? should also give you the options. In SAV, "LOGFILE" appears to have to be upper case, I don't know if this has changed in SEP.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I'll even share my Kaseya script ... Wink

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