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SQL Database Maintenance Tasks

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Are there any actual SQL maintenance tasks that should be done in tandem with Kaseya's Database Backup / Maintenance? Just wanting to make sure out SQL DB is running as fast and clean as possible.

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  • good question.....

  • If you go to System > Server Management > Configure

    About halfway down the main page you will see the options for Database Maintenance.

    The other part that is worth looking at is the Statistics option, as this will show you how busy your K Server is.

  • @Peter:

    Yes, we have that enabled, but all that does is do defrag and basic maintenance, I was just wondering if doing the Microsoft SQL reindexing/shrinking/truncating will help performance or cause any issues.

  • I believe the in built Kaseya maintenance consists of: database integrity check, reinstall schema,  reindex tables, shrink database and update the stastistics.

    thats when it was version 5, don't think much has changed. Don't know what else you would want to over and above that...

  • You should be able to look at the SQL log and see exactly what is done with the database as the backup and whatever else they are doing are simply the SQL tools.  You can also create your own maintenance script and avoiding running this at the same time as the Kaseya backup, it should be fine.

  • We don't use the Kaseya built in backup - all of our maintenance tasks are executed on an external SQL Server where the DB lives using an SQL maint. plan.  The problem we had with using the built in Kbackup tasks was it kept changing the DB Backup mode from Full to Simple - we wanted to be able to restore from a log file (which we backup throughout the day) in the event of a system failure, that way we'd only lose some work from the day instead of the whole day.  Just a thought as I understand not everyone has that kind of disk space available on their DB Server :)

  • Full mode works fine, until a Kaseya tech logs on and hits reapply schema... and the website crashes...

  • @Rohop - yup, but I keep their remote control off so the techs can't get in unless I say so.  And I set the recovery mode back to full after they are done crashing our KServer Devil