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Patch Initial Update not completing

  • I'm finding many devices are not being updated by the patch management system.

    I ran an "Initial Update" on 10 servers, and although most of them updated sucessfully, three are just sitting there saying:

    Initial Update processing security patches at 10:35:39 pm 19-May-08

    If I cancel and re-run the initial update, the same thing happens.

    Does anyone know what might be causing this?
    Proper credentials have been set and tested in the Agent tab.

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  • You will probably find that a particular patch is poping up a dialogue box on the machine in question.

    We had a similar situation when media player 10 and 11 patches pop up a box for the user... it was moaning about system restore being disabled on the machine.. "press ok to continue" we had to exclude the patches from the schedule to get the initial update to finish. (or just log onto the machine console and see what its asking)

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