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A Question about the Missed Event Log Alerts

  • How do the Missed Event Log Alerts actually function?

    I have an Event Set that is comprised of 2 Event IDs.
    Event ID #1 - Backup Completed Successfully.
    Event ID #2 - Backup Completed with Exceptions.

    I have set Kaseya to send out an alert if these events are not logged in the event log for more than 3 days.

    Now, will Kaseya alert me if Event ID #2 is never logged into the event log, even if Event ID #1 is logged every day?

    So, my question is, does Kaseya's missed event log functionality monitor and set off alerts for each seperate event ID within an Event Set, or does it check on the Event Set as a whole, and only set off an alarm if none of the Event IDs have been logged in the last x number of days?

    Scott Sugar

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  • If anyone has deciphered this and determined how to make it work, I would love to hear details as well. I assumed it would work that either event occuring would pass the test. It seems that all events in the ist must occur to not get an alert.

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