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Logical Disk - % Free Space "Not Responding"

  • We have a number of Monitor Sets created which notify on 10% threshhold for Logical Disk - % Free Space. These have always worked consistently (that is, until 5.0).

    The behavior is actually quite bizarre. On all affected systems, the counter reports "Not Responding", although if I connect to the system and view perfmon directly, the counter is running and returning good data, and is also properly populating the csv file in the temp directory. It does not matter if the server is 2000 or 2003 (yes, we always run the diskperf command in 2000), and on some systems, it will monitor fine on the C: drive but not the N:, and on others vise versa... I'm baffled.

    We've tried the following:
    1. Made sure that referenced perfmon counters are running and collecting data.
    2. Verified that the data is being written to the requisite csv file for the counter in the temp directory.
    3. Confirmed that the temp directory has appropriate security rights.
    4. Restarted the counters.
    5. Restarted the servers.
    6. Rebuilt the monitor sets from scratch.
    7. Re-installed the client agents.

    Being as the perfmon counter data is being collected and properly written to the csv in the temp folder, we are fully convinced that this is an issue with Kaseya not "getting" the data from the temp folder and parsing it. In addition to giving false "alerts", this is also having a noticible effect on our ability to properly monitor disk capacity thresholds.



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  • We have the same problem on two customer servers. Both are 2003 systems. On one, two out of three logical counters don't work. On the 2nd system, one of two do not work.

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  • Try using the "Live Connect" feature on the counters that are not responding. Stay on live connect until they start showing data. Sometimes this works.

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  • got to say this one is wrecking my head, I have the same problem and cannot see why on some machines it works fine and on others = alarm after alarm all false.

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  • We have the same problem. We have successful perfmon monitors in place for things like disk space, etc. on at least 30-40 servers but we have 3-4 servers that just refuse.
    And even the 30-40 servers, most of them didn't start monitoring right away. We had to refresh multiple times or do some other magic. Then those servers seem to keep on working.
    But the 3-4 servers with the problem we can't figure out. Most are Windows 2003 or SBS 2003.

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  • We managed to solve this problem by removing the monitor set from the machine (just clear it under the Assign Monitoring) then restart the Performance Monitor service on the affected machine.
    Now add the Monitor Set to the machine.
    When you check inside Performance Monitor you'll probably find the Counters are all stopped. Start them up and the counter will begin working.
    (Check the logfile on the machine to see if it has started)

    We had also added NETWORK SERVICE permissions to the Klogs folder - don't know if this made a difference or not, not had time to investigate properly.

    I don't know if this will work for everyone... We had around 30 servers affected by this and only 1 would not start - have not found a solution for that one yet.

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