Just a little FYI:

Before I purchased Kaseya, I first checked to see if it could be obtained illegally. I also checked to see if there were any exploits (software designed to take advantage of other software) for the server and agent. I wanted to be sure that Kaseya was secure and methods were being taken to ensure the integrity of their software.

As a former hacker, felon, security consultant, and business owner, I am a member of many underground communities that specialize in reverse engineering and discovering security vulnerabilities in many software applications.

Everyone can rest easy knowing that no security vulnerability has been published in regards to the Kserver or agent. The last thing I would want is all of my client's machines to become spam bots or worse have thier data compromised because of a security flaw in Kaseya.

If Kaseya isn't actively keeping watch rest assure that I am as a customer and will report any malicious activity to Kaseya. I'm not going to reverse engineer or try and find security flaws in the software and I don't encourage anyone to do so either. Doing so will violate your license agreement with Kaseya. I also discourage people from trying to "fix" problems themselves since once again you may be sued by Kaseya. I appreciate the fact I am allowed to customize the software and agent and I'm happy with that.

2 Kudos to Kaseya for giving us a secure product.

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