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Patch Scan script failing

  • Hi,

    When the Patch Scan is scheduled or executed via the "Run Now" option the Patch Scan script tends to fail.
    The error message logged in the agent logs is as follows:
    Run Now - Patch Scan
    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 1

    Run Now - Patch Scan
    FAILED in THEN step 1, execute script Patch Scan (ID = 148)

    Patch Scan
    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 11

    Patch Scan
    FAILED in processing THEN step 11, Execute Agent DLL Function, with error Spawn Failed, DLL = C:\temp\kPtchMgt.dll, Arguments = -v -m "C:\temp\mssecure.xml" -k "C:\temp\odt\kptchdat.xml" -d "C:\temp\odtscan.xml" -o "C:\temp\patchscn.xml"

    Can someone shed some light on the resolution in regards to this issue.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Put in a service request if you haven't already.

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