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Why can't we set the PRIORITY on tickets?

  • I am a new VSA/KES customer and have created numerous tickets in my first week. Some tickets are merely minor bug reports or feature requests, while others are URGENT matters. But when I create a new ticket, it does not allow me to select a PRIORITY. The dropdown menu for PRIORITY is always dimmed/disabled and shows NORMAL...

    Why is this a big deal you ask? Well, take this morning for instance, when a Kaseya tech wasted precious time answering a very minor ticket - instead of answering my most URGENT ticket(s). If I could have set the PRIORITY on these tickets Kaseya could work on them in PRIORITY order...

    I would think with their support resources stretched so thin after a problematic new 2008 release, they'd want to focus on higher priority tickets, no?

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  • I believe they limit that priority to their own internal use and assignment.

    I would suggest that you put your priority level in the subject line of the request. ex. "URGENT: blah blah blah"

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  • I can see where having a field for Kaseya's own internal priority makes sense. But, to not allow customers to assign a priority too - that does not make any sense to me Confused

    I wonder how they know of what priority my issues are? Like I said, their tech wasted precious time on a very inconsequential ticket this am - time they do not have to spare Confused

    Thanks for the tip to put URGENT in the subject, though I suspect they will miss it. A CUSTOMER's PRIORITY field makes so much more sense, especially since they/we could sort by that column...

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